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Furkan yesilyurt

A Contemporary Digital Artist

Using modern technology and the knowledge from my architectural degree, I aim to create designs and artwork that fulfill the visual desire of humankind.



References and examples



Concept Art & Illustrations

My main skillset resides in Concept Art & Illustration.
Discussing the progress and content clearly with each client is key for a successful piece of design.

Art Direction & Storyboards

Using and understanding the knowledge that each client offers is a key to many doors. While having worked at multiple projects, i am able to help you on your Art Direction path.

Level & Game Design

Through the chance i have gotten in the year 2022 as a Level Designer in an action-RPG, i feel priviliged to say that i am able to help you towards a beautiful game.

3D Render & Concepts

The Architecture degree helped me to open my path into the 3D World. Including quick Sketches in 3D and Concepts that are able to be built in a presentable way.


Imprint : Furkan Yesilyurt - Germany - 65428 Rüsselsheim - Ostpreußenstraße 11

Impressum: Furkan Yesilyurt - Deutschland - 65428 Rüsselsheim - Ostpreußenstraße 11